Using active ingredients found in nature our patented technologies
clean the mouth and freshen the breath.

Mint does not!


"The Sorbay Lozenges work great for getting rid of coffee taste!" – Linda

"Do you hate yuck mouth? You know, that unpleasant taste and/or smell of the food or beverage you've just consumed. If so, then you may love the SorbayPC Lozenge." –

"... they work." – Journal Sentinel Online

"Does it work? Absolutely." – Kristen

I have no way of knowing how many germs were left after trying one, but it did take away the coffee taste and leave my mouth with a more pleasant feel. - Lifestyle reporter Sylvia Anderson

""My husband carries it with him in his briefcase." – Kim
"This stuff is great!" – Dr. Jeff

"Your product passed the Deb... test. She did not complain after a) half sour kosher pickles, b) Korean Kimchee, c) fried garlic in Chinese fried chicken, plus whatever else I used it for." – Dr. Steve

"I haven’t completely emptied the bottle yet, but I like it very much and it does indeed do the job. Thanks for the good stuff!" – Karen, Garlic Lover

"It's amazing!" – Lea, dog owner.

"I give a bottle to each new owner of one of my puppies." – Jane, breeder of pure bred dogs.

"Garfield's kitty breath was gone in two days and his tartar after three weeks." – Tessa

"With an easy to use product like Sorbay POC maybe more pet owners will take the time to care for their dog's teeth." – Debi

"A Sacramento, California dentist in private practice ran a clinical study on 20 patients recruited from her practice. The patients were heavy tartar builders. They had their teeth cleaned and polished and were given lozenges and use instructions (1-4 lozenges per day). Compliance was good but not perfect. After 30 days the patients were examined and the dentist reported "All patients showed a reduced level of tartar buildup." Some patients were rescaled and polished and put on four lozenges per day. The dentist reported "After another 30 days, their teeth had (essentially) no subgingival tartar and minimal supragingival tartar, which was much softer than normal and easily removed."

"I have seen a significant difference in a long time patient who now uses SorbayMTC Lozenges. He used to present with generalized moderate to heavy tenacious calculus every six months. Now he has only isolated light to moderate calculus that is easily removed with scaling. " – Leslie, dental hygienist

A man in his sixties, a world class tartar builder who had routinely chipped big chunks of tartar from his teeth, found he had nothing to chip after lozenge use.

A man in his forties shocked his hygienist with the absence of coffee staining of his teeth after lozenge use

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