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About Bon Mangé, Inc.


The founders of Bon Mangé, Inc. are dedicated to developing great health care strategies and have been in the technology business since the late 1980's. Time and care have been expended to develop safe and effective products in response to expressed consumer needs. We are committed to a "path for success" based on individual consumers finding its products both meet their needs and are reasonably priced.


Bon Mangé has a strong and continuing commitment to research and development. As a result, it expects its consumer-need motivated product line to continue to grow indefinitely.


The patented Sorbay Technology was originally created at the request of a lady who did not like the taste left in her mouth after eating garlic bread. She wanted a palate cleanser, so we created the SorbayPC Lozenge for her.


With thirty years of successful use by consumers, we know that the Sorbay Technology and a SorbayPC clean mouth can protect and contribute to overall general health. Sucking on a SorbayPC Lozenge can help:


• Remove residual foods, food flavors and aromas from the mouth

• Reduce oral bacterial populations thousands of times better than a typical oral rinse

• Remove tartar from the teeth and prevent its formation • Prevent cavities

• Eliminate the deterioration of the gums and the outbreak of gingivitis

• Stop the invasion of the blood stream by oral bacteria

• Lessen the likelihood of widespread inflammatory outbreaks instigated by oral bacteria

• Interrupt the pathway used by flu, covid and other yet to appear corona viruses, as they pass through the respiratory system on their way to the lungs


We have no idea what might come next, but you can join us in the discovery process while you enjoy the extensive benefits of lozenge use that we already know about.


What about our pet’s oral care?


 We realized that pets share the same oral problems as we humans do, so we developed the SorbayPOC mist for them.


The rise of Monjay


Monjay arose when we discovered that offensive garlic aromas can develop in places outside the mouth, in particular in the digestive system. For some individuals the aromas having a digestive origin can be a particularly bad problem because they can pour from the lungs and skin for long periods of time, hours, even days.


With the passage of time, we found that Monjay use can also prevent the development of digestive gas after eating vegetables like members of the cabbage family.

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