SorbayMTC Lozenge
A New Option

What makes the Sorbay Technology so special? It is a very potent oral cleanser and facilitator of saliva's sanitation activities. The SorbayMTC Lozenge:

  • is safe for human consumption (active ingredients are all natural, all lozenge ingredients are approved by the FDA for use in foods)
  • enhances saliva's ability to lower oral bacteria populations to levels far lower than those achieved by typical mouth washes and oral rinses (How? - through the enhancement of the bacteria killing activity of lysozyme, compromising oral sites to which bacteria might have been attracted, and reducing the levels of nutrients bacteria require to live)
  • softens tartar enough to more easily yield to either abrasion by flossing and brushing, or scaling by a dental professional (How? - through disruption of the glycoprotein superstructure of tartar and the demineralization of tartar)
  • cleanses complex sugars, proteins, fats and oils, and other food tastes and debris from the mouth