The Right Way To Use A SorbayMTC Lozenge

Who Would Have Thought?
You Can Actually Suck on a Lozenge the Wrong Way?

Most people’s experience with lozenges is for the soothing of dry or irritated throats. The best way to get that job done is to start saliva flowing, dissolve the lozenge, and swallow. When removing tartar with a SorbayMTC lozenge, you want the lozenge ingredients to linger in the mouth where they can act on tartar. You definitely do not want them to go straight down the throat.

For users new to the SorbayMTC technology the greatest challenge is breaking habits developed while using throat soothing lozenges. Since the best tartar removal will result from putting SorbayMTC ingredients directly in contact with tartar deposits, it is helpful to know where tartar deposits tend to develop and why some locations are tartar hot spots.

Tartar results from the incorporation of calcium phosphate into plaque. While plaque can develop throughout the mouth, its conversion to tartar is most likely to occur at locations where calcium phosphate containing saliva enters the mouth. Since the greatest flow of saliva comes from below the tongue, the primary site for tartar production is on the backs of the lower front teeth. The next best location is on teeth in the back of the mouth where a second site for saliva delivery is located. These places need to receive maximum exposure to SorbayMTC ingredients. It will not happen if the lozenge, while being dissolved in saliva, is treated as a throat lozenge and held in the space between the gum and cheek. When in the “throat lozenge” habit pattern it is too easy to swallow without swishing saliva around the tartar hot spots.

The best way to avoid the “throat lozenge” habit pattern is to hold the SorbayMTC lozenge either in front of or just behind the lower front teeth, slowly swishing saliva back and forth across those teeth, occasionally switching to swishing lozenge laden saliva from side to side in the back of the mouth, and swallowing when saliva buildup requires. Throughout the process it is important to pay attention to where, in the mouth, the lozenge is located. When first using the SorbayMTC lozenge, it is not unusual to find the lozenge has found its way into the inappropriate between-the-cheek and gum location, and needs to be relocated back to the lower front part of the mouth. When the lozenge use strategy is followed correctly it should take 12-15 minutes for a lozenge to be completely dissolved.

For the fastest tartar removal the use of four lozenges a day is recommended, one after each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and a fourth just prior to retiring and immediately after flossing and brushing. The maintenance of a tartar-free mouth requires only the “after flossing and brushing” and “just prior to retiring” lozenge use. Depending on the extent of tartar buildup, the removal of existent tartar deposits typically takes 7-14 days.