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SorbayMTC Lozenge

It's Your Mouth!

Shouldn't you know what is going on in there?

The purpose of this exposition is to introduce you to the SorbayMTC based Tartaroff Oral Hygiene program as a powerful means for improving your overall oral health. The Tartaroff Program is designed to augment the benefits of flossing and brushing, the cleansing role of saliva and the care of a dental professional. 

A SorbayMTC Lozenge a day will keep oral bacteria at bay!

SorbayMTC Lozenges are a solution for a very serious oral health problem. Virtually all patients who show up in the dentist's office have at least a bit of gingivitis (inflamed and bleeding gums). Most patients, over fifty percent, have a serious gingivitis problem and tartar buildup on their teeth as well. These problems arise despite brushing, and sometimes flossing and rinsing too. This means the personal oral care products and practices currently in use are not working well enough to circumvent our two most pressing oral care problems. The underlying issue is failure to keep oral bacterial populations under control. Mother Nature has endowed us with a great oral health maintenance agent, saliva, but its bacteria killing enzyme, lysozyme, is also not quite up to the bacteria control task. That is where the Sorbay Technology, with its safe edible ingredients, can be very helpful. The technology can tip the balance in favor of good oral health by both enhancing lysozyme's antibacterial activity and by undermining the creation of oral microbial habitat. After use of a single lozenge an oral bacterial population can be reduced tens of thousands of times better than with a typical oral rinse. The Sorbay ingredients also undermine the structure of tartar so it becomes soft enough to be abraded by flossing and brushing. Before the advent of the Sorbay Technology, the only way for tartar to be removed from teeth has been scaling by a dentist or dental hygienist.