Always begin a meal with clean hands and end it with a "Sorbay Clean" mouth!

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SorbayPC Lozenge

The SorbayPC lozenge is a patented breakthrough Palate Cleansing technology in the form of pleasant tasting sugar-free hard candy.

The SorbayPC lozenge removes residual food flavors and food residues from the mouth.

It leaves the mouth tasting and feeling clean. It provides a true clean-up, not a minty cover-up.

The active ingredients in the Sorbay lozenge are all found in nature. It is likely that most people have consumed them in the past, but never when wedded together in the patented Sorbay composition.

Swishing the lozenge around in the mouth is fun. After it is gone the realization that one's mouth has never been so clean is a real joy! 

SorbayPC Spray Mist

For a Quick Once Over Lightly Palate Cleansing.

There are times and places which do not afford one the luxury of enjoying the leisurely deep oral cleaning provided by the SorbayPC lozenge.

Three metered SorbayPC Mist sprays, swishing the resulting solution throughout the mouth for a few seconds, and swallowing is all it takes for the bulk of disagreeable residual food flavors to disappear from the palate.

The delicate flavor of the mist solution vanishes as well, leaving the mouth very close to taste-free.

The mist, a water solution of the same ingredients as those found in the SorbayPC lozenge, is an alternate vehicle for acquiring the cleansing benefits of the patented Sorbay Technology.