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About SorbayPOC


Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist was started to help meet the growing needs of dog and cat owners everywhere needing an inexpensive and effective solution to address their pet's oral hygiene issues.


SorbayPOC Mist is a formulation of the patented Sorbay Technology. The technology cleans the mouth making it less hospitable for the buildup of the bacteria responsible for bad breath, gingivitis, and tartar. The technology was originally aimed at the same problems in humans (SorbayPC Lozenges) and later adapted for pet use (Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist).


The Sorbay Technology is a patented blend of active ingredients, citric acid, tannic acid, and sodium lauryl sulfate. All are found in nature and all have FDA approved uses in food products. The mist formulation is intended only for pet oral care. It is a water based solution, which includes an artificial sweetener, acesulfame K, as a means for improving taste.


SorbayPOC Mist is:


• Easy to use

• Affordable

• Effective cleaning pet’s mouths

• Eliminates tartar build up

• Prevents the need for common oral veternary procedures

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