What is the Sorbay technology? The Sorbay technology is a patented blend of active ingredients, which has been shown to cleanse away food debris and residual food flavors, soften tartar, and help in the reduction of oral bacterial populations. No comparable oral care product exists.

The contribution of each of the active ingredients is as follows:

Citric Acid – stimulates increased flow of saliva. Saliva is part of the normal physiological oral sanitation system. Saliva adds a number of biological cleansing, sanitation, and protection dimensions to the overall spectrum of mechanisms embodied in the Sorbay technology. As a result of increased salivary flow, there is an enhanced quality of salivary cleansing. It also helps in the demineralization of tartar.

Tannic Acid – disrupts the structure and function of proteins and complex sugars commonly associated with foods. It also disrupts the superstructure of tartar and also helps in tartar's demineralization.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – emulsifies fats and oils, and solubilizes tannic acid disrupted proteins and complex sugars, allowing for all to be carried away.

Why no mint or other flavors? - Because flavorings like mint oil dirty the mouth. The Sorbay Technology's mission is cleansing the mouth, not making an existent problem worse! Many of the flavors which make food and drink taste good are oils. Because oily flavorings tend to linger in the mouth long after food and drink are gone, they can provide hiding places under which bacterial colonies can grow and produce unwanted aftertastes and bad smells. If any of these oils were on your hands you would rush to the sink to wash them away. It makes sense to do the same with oils coating the mouth, namely wash them away. That is exactly what the Sorbay Technology does; it removes those unpleasant oils, leaving a clean oil-free mouth.

Mint and other flavors are touted to accomplish the same thing, but they do not. The idea that mint and other flavors are equivalent to "clean" is a marketing creation. Flavoring makes unwanted tastes and odors seem to disappear by hiding them under stronger tastes and aromas. Sadly these cover-ups tend to quickly fade, allowing problems to reappear. Coating the mouth with flavoring oils does not clean the mouth, it only makes the mouth oily. By contrast, a Sorbay cleansed mouth is clean and free of the risk of taste and aroma problems reappearing.